Riverside Bar Overserving Drunk-Driving Accident Lawyer

Riverside Bar Overserving Drunk-Driving Accident Lawyer

In some states, when an intoxicated driver causes an accident and injures someone, the victim may sue that driver as well as the bar that served alcohol. This is called a “dram shop” rule or “social host” rule. It holds an establishment liable for furnishing liquor to someone who then injures someone else. Such a law allows victims to have an additional avenue for compensation.

Does California have a dram shop law? Yes, California does have a form of dram shop law, but it’s much more limited than those in other states. If you’re hoping to maximize your compensation from a drunk-driving accident in California, it’s best to have an injury lawyer on your side.

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Can a Bar be Held Liable for a Drunk Driver in California?

The answer to this is: it depends. If a California car crash is caused by an adult intoxicated driver, it is not likely that the serving bar would be held liable to pay for injuries. But if the drunk driver is under 21 years old, an injured party may be able to sue the driver as well as the bar for damages.

In California, liquor establishments are largely protected from civil liability in cases of drunk-driving accidents. In fact, the California Business and Professions Code Section 25602 specifically states that alcohol establishments cannot be liable in civil court if their customer injures another person.

The state’s logic, according to California Civil Code Section 1714, is that it is the consumption of alcohol, not the serving of it, that is the cause of drunk-driving injuries.

However, an exception to this principle is when a customer is underaged. In California, it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to someone under 21 years old. Doing so could mean a misdemeanor charge against the establishment. It also means that the establishment will likely be held responsible if the underaged customer subsequently causes an accident.

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What is the Dram Shop Law in California?

A dram shop law is a rule that says establishments could share the liability if a person to whom they provided alcohol injures someone. This means that in a drunk-driving crash, the establishment could also be sued by the injured party. Many states have their own version of this rule. For instance, a bar, club, or pub could be held responsible if they overserved liquor to an already-drunk person.

The California dram shop law is limited to serving alcohol to underaged persons. If an establishment knowingly served alcohol to someone under 21, that establishment could share responsibility if the minor causes harm to themselves or others.

Note that California’s dram shop rule is not exclusive to commercial bars or clubs. Adult persons could also be held responsible for knowingly giving liquor to underaged persons in residential settings. For example, it could be some relatives sharing beers with younger family members, or adult friends who serve alcohol to underage invitees at a party. This is also called the “social host” rule.

Claiming Damages from a Bar for Your DUI Injuries

If you or a family member was injured by a drunk driver in California, the dram shop law potentially provides you with an additional means to get compensated. If it is found that the bar or pub shares liability in your accident, you could claim damages from them or their insurance company, on top of your claim against the drunk driver.

Your compensation may pay for:

  • Medical bills
  • Therapy or rehabilitation costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Reduced ability to earn
  • Mental or emotional distress
  • Lowered quality of life
  • And more.

Likewise, if your family member was tragically killed by a drunk driver, you may file a claim for wrongful death. A successful wrongful death claim can help relieve your financial burdens such as burial or cremation costs, lost income, and lost benefits.

With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can explore the possibility of claiming against the alcohol-serving business. Gavel Law Firm is eager to listen to your story and evaluate your best legal course of action for a drunk-driving injury or wrongful death.

Riverside Bar, Alcohol, and Drunk-Driving Accident FAQs

Can you sue a bar for overserving in California?

The short answer is no – in California, you generally cannot file a lawsuit against a bar that overserved a customer, even if that customer then causes a car accident. One exception, however, is if the customer is under 21 years old. In this case, the bar could be sued if they knowingly served alcohol to the minor.

How common is intoxicated driving in Riverside, California?

Thousands of drivers get arrested in Riverside County each year for driving under the influence (DUI). According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in 2020 alone, 5,438 DUI arrests occurred in Riverside County.

Unfortunately, this means numerous people are also killed in DUI accidents. The Murrieta Police Department revealed that in 2021, some 1,413 individuals died in impaired-driving accidents in Riverside County.

What establishments fall under the California dram shop law?

Any commercial establishment licensed to serve alcohol may fall under the dram shop law in California. These include bars, pubs, clubs, breweries, restaurants, and more. In addition, adult individuals could likewise face liability in California if they consciously serve alcohol to minors.

Whom do I sue if the Riverside drunk driver is a minor?

If the drunk driver who injured you is a minor, you may file a lawsuit against their parent or legal guardian. This may add some complexity to the case, so it’s wise to at least consult a personal injury attorney for sound legal advice.

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