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Commercial Building Sales & Leasing

The success of your venture begins with our preparation. It ends with your satisfaction.


Real Estate Firm & Brokerage Counsel Service

If you are a broker, you can give your agents at the firm and your buyers assurance that your firm has access to a real estate attorney to review any issues they encounter. Get valuable representation without shelling out a large sum of money every time you need an attorney.

Our brokerage counsel services will save money on your liability insurance by limiting claims being filed and representation when you need to go after another party. Get our services for as little as $175 for each transaction.


Why Real Estate Transactions Need a Lawyer

You will not hear us say . . . “I am not attorney, but . . .” That is because we are attorneys. Having someone that can give you actual advice in a real estate transaction rather than just a person that does not have any actual legal training.

This is why you need an attorney handling real estate transactions. The best part is you are getting an attorney for the cost of a real estate agent. In any sale or transaction our fees are competitive to  getting an agent.

What If I Have A Real Estate Dispute?

Because issues involving real estate tends to have high stakes that will have a lasting impact on people, you will need an attorney that will be able to stand in court and get results.

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