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You Get Better With Age, So Should Your Estate Plan.

You’ve worked your entire life to acquire assets, making sure your assets are there for the ones you love is what we do.

Estate Planning

Make Your Wishes Clear

We have all seen a family get divided over dividing up an estate. A well executed estate plan gives a legal approach to cementing your wishes, so your family does not have to make them for you hen your gone.

The Land of the Nominal Fee.

Probate is costly. Without a valid trust, your heirs will have to go to court to get their inheritance. But, the decision of who gets what is not made by you – even with a will. This decision of how your assets gets divided is made by a judge in a court process called probate. 

This is where you guest it, the lawyers get paid. Lawyers get a percentage of your assets that you wanted to pass onto your family, friends, or charity.  On a simple estate with a home and remaining retirement plan could have a value of $500,000. An attorney would be able to collect $14,000 in fees before your family sees anything. In addition to attorneys fess, a contested probate proceedings will cost thousands additional legal fess. All to get what is rightfully theirs.

Protect your assets from being reduced by the costly probate proceedings and contact Gavel Law Firm to set up an estate plan.

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