Riverside Aviation Accident Lawyer

Riverside Aviation Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been involved in an aviation accident in California, you likely have many questions about what to do next and who can help. An experienced Riverside California aviation accident attorney can provide critical guidance and representation to protect your rights and pursue fair compensation.

Gavel Law Firm is highly competent at handling aviation accident cases in Riverside and surrounding areas. Call us today at (951) 289-0202 for a free case review.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents can be complex events with multiple contributing factors. According to research, common causes include:

Pilot Error

This includes mistakes made by the pilot or crew, such as:

  • Poor decision-making
  • Failure to maintain control of aircraft
  • Improper landing or takeoff procedures
  • Operating aircraft beyond experience or certification level.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical issues can lead to catastrophic accidents if critical components like the engine fail mid-flight. Other mechanical problems include:

  • Malfunctioning flight controls
  • Electrical system issues
  • Structural damage or defects.

Bad Weather

Weather conditions like turbulence, strong winds, icing, fog, and thunderstorms can quickly turn dangerous for aircraft.

Air Traffic Controller Error

Mistakes by air traffic controllers and ground crew have contributed to collisions on runways or in mid-air.

Manufacturing Defects

Defectively designed or manufactured airplane components can cause accidents.

While the causes may vary, the injuries sustained in aviation accidents are often severe or fatal due to the extreme forces involved. Common aviation injuries include burns, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and internal organ damage.

Who Can Be Held Liable in Plane Crashes?

Liability depends on the specific circumstances of the accident. Potentially responsible parties include:

  • Airlines – If inadequate training, maintenance issues, or pilot negligence played a role
  • Aircraft Manufacturers – If a flawed design or defective part caused the crash
  • Maintenance Providers – For faulty repairs or overlooked issues
  • Air Traffic Controllers – If instructions or signals weren’t followed
  • Federal Agencies – If regulations weren’t properly enforced.

Thorough investigations help determine all the factors that contributed to the accident so appropriate parties can be held accountable.

Damages Available in Aviation Claims

If you or someone you love suffered harm in an aviation accident due to another party’s negligence, you may have a right to pursue compensation for damages such as:

Medical Expenses

Compensation for the cost of hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, and related treatments.

Lost Income

Reimbursement for wages lost if injuries prevent you from working.

Pain and Suffering

Financial compensation for the physical and emotional distress experienced.

Loss of Companionship

For the loss of intimacy, comfort, and support when a spouse or family member dies.

Punitive Damages

Extra damages meant to punish defendants for especially negligent behavior.

To receive fair compensation, it’s critical to have an experienced aviation accident lawyer assess your claim and aggressively negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies.

Statutes of Limitations for California Plane Crash Cases

There are strict deadlines for filing aviation accident claims in California. For personal injury, you typically have only two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit. However, exceptions exist for minors and certain circumstances.

Given the complexities, speak to an attorney immediately to learn how much time remains for you to take legal action and preserve evidence that may be essential to your case. At Gavel Law Firm, we provide a free consultation so you can get legal guidance as soon as possible.

Choosing the Right Aviation Accident Attorney

Not all personal injury lawyers have the skills and resources needed to handle complicated aviation cases. If you’re looking for a plane crash lawyer in California, here are key credentials to look for:

Industry Knowledge

Search for an attorney who has first-hand knowledge about complex cases like yours and knows how to deal with companies and insurers.

Resources to Investigate

Aviation crash investigations can be expensive but critical. Choose a law firm with ample resources and connections to conduct in-depth inquiries.

Willingness to Go to Trial

Beware attorneys who push quick settlements. You need someone willing to take the case to court if the airline or manufacturers offer unfair compensation.

The Gavel Law Firm has all these qualifications and has helped California accident victims recover maximum compensation for their losses.

Gavel Law Firm’s Proven Accident Claims Experience

With insider insurance experience and commitment to personal injury cases, Gavel Law Firm has the legal competence to handle your aviation accident claim.

We have an in-depth understanding of how insurers work as they undermine cases. Our lead attorney previously worked for insurance companies, learning the tactics they use to deny, delay, and minimize claim payouts.

Today, we use that insider knowledge to protect our clients’ rights and secure the maximum compensation they deserve. We also have the resources and connections to perform thorough independent crash investigations. If negotiations with insurers fail, we’re fully prepared to take your case to court.

This is how we fight for Californians harmed by others: we pour our skills, resources, and tenacity into each case, even when facing big companies and insurers.

What To Do After an Aviation Accident

If you or someone you care about suffers injuries in an aviation crash, we encourage you to:

1. Seek Medical Care

Get checked out at the hospital even if you don’t have obvious injuries. Symptoms of some trauma like head injuries can take time to manifest.

2. Document the Scene

Take photos and videos, and collect contact info from witnesses if possible. Try not to disturb any wreckage until investigators arrive.

3. Report the Incident

Notify the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as required. Be cautious about speaking to the media or insurance companies.

4. Contact an Aviation Accident Attorney

Speaking with a qualified lawyer helps ensure your rights are protected when dealing with complex laws and legal processes.

We offer free case evaluations. Call us at (951) 289-0202 to learn your options.

Riverside Aviation Accident Case Review

The Gavel Law Firm provides free, no-obligation case consultations. We will:

  • Review the details of your aviation accident
  • Assess potentially liable parties
  • Estimate the value of your claim for damages
  • Explain your legal rights and options
  • Address your questions and concerns.

We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no upfront attorney fees. We only collect our fee if we obtain a settlement or favorable verdict awarding you compensation.

Riverside Aviation Accident FAQs

Who pays for damages in an airplane crash? Who is liable in a plane crash?

In the aftermath of an airplane accident in Riverside, California, the negligent party or parties are responsible for compensating damages. Potential parties may include the airline (through their insurance), the aircraft manufacturer, maintenance providers, the pilot or crew, and Air Traffic Control.

How much can you sue an airline for a plane crash?

The amount of damages awarded depends on the specific circumstances of each case. However, a number of aviation accident claims settle for millions of dollars given the severe nature of injuries and high medical costs often involved. To maximize compensation, it is essential to retain an aviation accident attorney who understands the full scope of damages you may recover.

Who investigates after a plane crash?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) takes the lead in investigating aviation crashes. The NTSB is an independent federal agency responsible for determining probable cause and making recommendations to improve safety. Additional parties who may participate in inquiries include plane and component manufacturers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), pilot unions, and victim attorneys. Thorough investigations are critical for establishing the parties at fault.

How are liability and fault determined in aviation accident cases?

Establishing liability often requires extensive investigation by aviation experts, usually involving examination of maintenance records, air traffic control data, cockpit recordings and other evidence. Plaintiff attorneys may enlist their specialists to determine fault. Investigating parties will scrutinize factors like pilot training, FAA oversight, weather, and manufacturers’ safety processes to identify not just main causes but contributory factors. Those deemed even partially at fault can be ordered to provide compensation.

Contact a California Aviation Accident Lawyer Today

Suffering devastating losses in an aviation crash can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. At Gavel Law Firm, we provide competent and compassionate legal guidance victims can trust. Our background in handling personal injury cases from the insurer’s perspective fuels our advocacy. We know how to defeat insurance company tactics to ensure you rightfully receive full and fair compensation.

To explore your options with an experienced Riverside aviation accident lawyer, call us at (951) 289-0202 today for a free consultation. We’re committed to helping you recover and rebuild after this tragedy.

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