Riverside Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Riverside Sexual Abuse Lawyer

At Gavel Law Firm, we are tireless advocates for survivors of sexual abuse. We know it’s extremely difficult for survivors to come forward about this harrowing experience, hence we provide family-like support while tenaciously fighting for justice. We want you to get compensation that pays for the harm you endured and helps you move forward in life.

If you or your child survived sex abuse in Southern California, turn to Gavel Law Firm to help you obtain rightful compensation. Residents of the Inland Empire count on us for sensitive and complex civil claims around rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. Here’s why Gavel Law Firm is highly trusted:

  • Competent, compassionate team. Our legal service is two-fold: We aggressively pursue compensation for each client while treating them with genuine care and sensitivity. We help ease their stress through regular updates, warm communication, and access to helpful resources.
  • Advantageous experience. Our sexual abuse attorney Bryan A. Mason previously worked in the insurance industry, gaining insight into how defendants and insurers work. Today, he uses this as an advantage in representing people harmed by others.
  • You pay no fee until you win. We won’t charge you lawyer fees until we obtain compensation for you. We’ll also provide a free consultation. You risk no money when you choose the experienced sexual abuse attorney at Gavel Law Firm.

We are ready to listen to your story. Schedule a free and confidential consultation with Gavel Law Firm. Call (951) 289-0202 today.

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse 

Being sexually molested can be a deeply traumatic experience with long-lasting effects on one’s life. Victims should get the support they need, and perpetrators should be brought to justice. However, we understand that there are various reasons why sexual abuse victims don’t immediately report or seek help for their experience:

  • Threats from the abuser. The perpetrator may have threatened to harm the victim’s loved ones or to destroy the reputation of the victim.
  • Difficulty recognizing abuse. Contrary to what many believe, sexual abuse doesn’t always involve physical contact. Other forms of sex abuse include exposure of private parts (of or to the victim) or being pressured to perform sexual acts.
  • Fear of not being believed. Some survivors worry that their loved ones or the authorities won’t believe them when they come forward. Many are also reluctant due to a lack of evidence or the position of power that the perpetrator holds.
  • Feelings of shame or guilt. Even when they’ve done nothing wrong, sexual abuse victims tend to feel shameful about what happened to them. Worse, other people may “victim-blame” in these situations, implying that the victim somehow encouraged or tolerated the abuse.

If any of these circumstances hinder you from seeking help, know that you have allies whom you can turn to. At Gavel Law Firm, we have full empathy for your situation and will never discredit your story. The moment you reach out to us, we’ll keep your information confidential. We’ll connect you with professional resources for healing as we work on your compensation claim.

Riverside Sexual Abuse Claim for Compensation

In California, sexual abuse can be both a criminal case and a civil case. In a criminal case, a prosecutor presses charges based on the complaint of the victim, aiming to punish the abuser through the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, a civil case can be initiated by the victim by filing a lawsuit in civil court. The goal of this lawsuit is to compensate the survivor for their suffering and other losses.

If successful, a civil lawsuit on sexual abuse may provide monetary recompense for these losses and more:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses (such as physical and mental therapy)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income related to the abuse
  • Psychological injury such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Reduced enjoyment of life.

We understand that no amount of money can undo the abuse. However, financial compensation can significantly help a survivor heal and rebuild their life. For instance, it can relieve the burden of lost income and open access to high-quality mental health therapy.

A sex abuse civil claim can continue regardless of what happens with the criminal proceedings. Even if charges were dropped, the criminal case was dismissed, or the defendant was found Not Guilty, it may still be possible to succeed in a civil lawsuit. Many molestation survivors turn to civil court instead of criminal court to pursue their legal remedy.

Gavel Law Firm is skilled in sexual abuse civil claims, helping Inland Empire residents get fully compensated. We’re highly familiar with Southern California civil courts, where we diligently fight to hold wrongdoers accountable.

Sex Abuse Lawsuit: Who Should Pay for Sexual Abuse?

In Riverside and throughout California, a sexual abuse victim can sue the perpetrator for damages. If the abuse was covered up, they may also sue the person or organization that helped conceal the wrongdoing. California law provides “treble damages” or triple the compensation amount if it is found that there was a cover-up of the molestation.

Examples of parties that can be held accountable for sexual abuse include:

  • Family members, relatives, or acquaintances
  • Teachers or tutors
  • Babysitters or daycare operators
  • Sports coaches
  • Youth group leaders
  • Camp counselors
  • Boy Scout or Girl Scout leaders
  • Priests, ministers, or other religious leaders
  • Doctors, therapists, or other care providers
  • Nursing home workers or administration
  • Workplace superiors or co-workers
  • And more.

It’s important to bring to justice all parties who played a part in or enabled the abuse. It can help you find a sense of peace for yourself, and at the same time, can serve as a deterrent for perpetrators and an encouragement for other survivors.

Get legal help that’s skilled and fearless in standing up to abusers. Our sexual abuse attorney at Gavel Law Firm has the experience and assertiveness to fight for you, even in the face of well-resourced persons or institutions.

Riverside Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Questions, Answered

What is the statute of limitations for sexual abuse in California?

A statute of limitations is a law that sets a length of time within which you may file a lawsuit. In California, the statute of limitations for sex abuse civil lawsuits is as follows:

  • If you suffered sexual abuse as an adult (18 years old and above), you may sue within 10 years of the date of the latest act of abuse OR 3 years from the date you discovered your abuse-related injury.
  • If you’re a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, you may sue until your 40th birthday OR within 5 years of the date you discovered you were abused as a child.

If you’re unsure whether your case is still within the time limit, consult with us for free at Gavel Law Firm. We’ll assess your situation and determine the best legal course of action for you.

How long do you have to press charges for sexual assault in California?

Pressing charges means formally accusing someone of a crime, hence this falls under criminal law, not civil law. In California, the statute of limitations for sexual assault criminal charges varies based on the type and severity of the offense.

For example, aggravated sexual abuse of a minor has no statute of limitations, meaning the victim may press charges at any time. Other sexual crime charges may have a time limit of 10 years or up to the victim’s 40th birthday.

How common is sexual abuse in California?

Sadly, sexual abuse is quite common in California. Consider these statistics:

  • More than 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 4 men in California have reported experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime, according to the California Department of Public Health.
  • A 2019 analysis found that California has surpassed the national rates of sexual harassment and assault. Within the state, more than 86 percent of women and 53 percent of men reported being victimized, while national rates were only at 81 percent and 43 percent among women and men respectively.
  • A more recent report from the National Children’s Alliance revealed that in 2020 alone, there were 7,182 reports of childhood sexual abuse in California. This number doesn’t include cases of molestation that went unreported.

What do I do if I suspect my loved one is being sexually abused?

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse, and they often do not (or cannot) report it. If you’re their family member, look out for signs of sexual harm. These may include physical symptoms like unexplained bruising or bleeding, or pain during urination or bowel movement. Sex abuse symptoms may also be behavioral, such as anxiety, irritability, and withdrawal from activities.

If you suspect that your child or grandparent is suffering from sexual abuse, it’s important to get them medical care first. This can address their symptoms, mitigate any sexually transmitted infections, and potentially provide clarity on the kind of harm they suffered.

Call a trusted attorney to guide you on your legal steps. In the Riverside area, you’ll find a reliable sexual abuse lawyer at Gavel Law Firm. Our entire team can handle the situation with sensitivity, confidentiality, and efficiency.

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