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When you’re facing medical bills and missed work after getting injured by someone else, you need a reliable attorney’s help to get your fair compensation. In Riverside, California, residents trust Gavel Law Firm for sharp legal service in personal injury cases. Our firm has advantageous experience in cases such as car accidents, motorcycle crashes, slips and falls, dog bites, and more.

At Gavel Law Firm, lead attorney Bryan A. Mason knows how to obtain maximum injury compensation, having previously worked in the insurance industry. This has proven beneficial for our clients who needed and deserved full payments.

If you or a family member has been injured by a negligent party in Riverside, Gavel Law Firm is the place to call. Your consultation is free. Call us today at (951) 289-0202.

The Gavel Law Firm Advantage: Why Choose Us for Your Riverside Injury Case

  • We know how to maximize compensation. With previous experience in the insurance industry, we know injury claims from the inside out. We have valuable insight on how the claims process truly works in the real world, and how to fight unfair insurer tactics.
  • You get family-like treatment from our small local office. We’ll explain every step with patience and consideration. We’ll consistently communicate about your case progress. We’ll take your calls or call you back swiftly. This personal attention is important as you deal with the stress and anxiety of post-accident life.
  • You don’t pay us until we win for you. We won’t charge you lawyer fees until we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Your initial consultation with us is also free. This means you don’t risk any money when you enlist Gavel Law Firm for your personal injury claim.

It’s Crucial to Protect Your Injury Claim in Riverside

In an ideal world, if you get injured and wish to be repaid, you’d go to the insurance company and receive your full reimbursement. Unfortunately, this seldom happens in real life, especially among claimants who don’t have a lawyer.

Too many injured individuals end up settling for much less than they’re owed because insurers are masterful at undermining claims. They may, for example, shift the blame to the injured claimant, dispute the costs, or delay the claim process to push the claimant into accepting a small payout.

Our personal injury attorney Bryan A. Mason is experienced at fighting such insurer tactics. For several years, he worked for an insurance company before he chose to side with the injured. Today, as a Riverside personal injury lawyer, he uses this unique insight to protect his clients’ rights and pursue their rightful compensation. He’s also unafraid to take the case to court, if necessary.

Whether you’re struggling with an insurance claim or ready to file a personal injury lawsuit, Gavel Law Firm can provide sound guidance and sharp representation. Start by talking to us in a free consultation.

California Personal Injury Cases We Handle

  • Car accidents – Including rear-enders, head-on collisions, T-bone crashes, multi-vehicle accidents, drunk-driving crashes, speeding collisions, red light crashes, and more
  • Other motor vehicle crashes – Including motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and RV accidents
  • Bicycle or pedestrian injuries – We represent bicyclists, scooter riders, and pedestrians harmed on the road.
  • Public transport accidents – Involving buses, trains, taxis, Uber, Lyft, or other transportation methods
  • Slip and fall injuries – Including injuries at unsafe parking lots, stores, restaurants, schools, amusement parks, gyms, apartment buildings, and more
  • Dog bites – Serious dog bite injuries include lacerations (wounds), fractures (broken bones), nerve damage, extreme pain, and infections.
  • Injuries from defective products – May range from exploding electronics and malfunctioning appliances to expired food and harmful medication
  • Wrongful death – If you’ve lost a loved one due to another person’s careless actions, we can help you pursue your best legal recourse.

Gavel Law Firm handles a wide variety of personal injury cases, including ones not listed above. Please feel free to consult with us by calling (951) 289-0202.

Riverside Personal Injury FAQs

What types of injuries qualify for a personal injury claim in Riverside?

These types of injuries are usually eligible for a personal injury claim in Riverside, California:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – examples: serious concussions, contusions, brain bleeds (hemorrhage)
  • Spine injuries – may involve the spinal discs, the spinal cord, or both
  • Serious lacerations – deep wounds, cuts, and abrasions
  • Fractures – broken bones such as the skull, ribs, or leg and arm bones
  • Internal organ injuries – examples: punctured lungs, ruptured spleen, kidney damage, liver damage
  • Joint or ligament injuries – ACL, MCL, PCL, and other strains on the ankle, knee, wrist, or shoulders
  • Soft-tissue injuries – the most common example is whiplash (back-and-forth jolting of the neck)
  • Catastrophic injuries – examples: amputation, permanent paralysis, loss of sight, loss of hearing, coma
  • Emotional/mental injuries – examples: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorder, sleep disorders.

Other injuries not listed may qualify for a claim. Please consult Gavel Law Firm for your case-specific legal advice in Riverside.

How much can I get for my Riverside personal injury claim?

To know how much you may receive in your Riverside personal injury case, you should get an evaluation from a qualified attorney. Personal injury outcomes vary widely, from a couple of thousand to millions of dollars. A lawyer should assess your specific circumstances to determine how much your claim is worth.

In general, California personal injury claims can pay for economic and non-economic damages. Economic losses have a definite dollar value, such as medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and missed income. Meanwhile, non-economic losses don’t have an exact value but may be compensated for monetarily. Examples are pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and lowered quality of life.

Can I claim for my emotional or mental trauma without physical injury in California?

Yes, California allows victims to claim for mental or emotional trauma even without physical injuries. You’ll need to prove that you have a mental or emotional injury caused by someone else’s negligence, such as in a traumatic road accident. Our experienced injury lawyer at Gavel Law Firm can guide you on your options.

Can I sue the at-fault party in my Riverside accident?

Yes, if you’re seeking compensation, you can sue the at-fault party in your Riverside accident. You’ll need to file a personal injury lawsuit and prove to the court that the defendant’s negligent actions caused your injury and losses.

Note that filing a lawsuit does not always mean going through a court trial. With an attorney’s help, you may get a favorable out-of-court settlement so you won’t have to go through the costly, time-consuming process of litigation.

What if I was partly at fault in my accident in Riverside?

If you believe you’re partially to blame for your Riverside accident, the first thing to keep in mind is not to admit any fault on your part. Instead, contact a personal injury attorney to evaluate your case and speak on your behalf.

California has a comparative negligence system where your compensation could be reduced according to how much fault you contributed to the accident. Negligent parties and their insurers often use this as a way to avoid liability. To protect your lawful claim, reach out to us at Gavel Law Firm.

Do I need a lawyer to claim for my injuries in California?

In a California personal injury case, having a lawyer is not mandatory, but it can be crucial for you to have a fighting chance of compensation. Even if you’re only pursuing an insurance settlement and not thinking about a lawsuit, having an attorney greatly improves your negotiating power with the insurance company. Many insurers don’t even take claims seriously until claimants “lawyer up.”

What qualities should I look for in a California personal injury lawyer?

The most important quality you’ll want in a California personal injury attorney is experience in this specific field of law. The personal injury system can be complex even for those with a general law degree, hence your attorney needs to have this specialization and first-hand experience.

Even better, you’ll want a lawyer who has worked locally in your city or county. They’ll likely know local court personnel, clerks, police departments, and legal agents.

It’s also wise to read reviews from the law firm’s past clients. You’ll learn from their feedback how competent and efficient the firm is, how they treat real people, and what you can expect from their service.

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With our invaluable experience and personal commitment to our clients, Gavel Law Firm has earned the trust of Riverside residents. Since 2016, we’ve helped Southern Californians get fully compensated for their injuries and losses. We’re eager to help you, too. Start by talking to us about your accident. Call us today at (951) 289-0202 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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