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Teamsters Union Members Legal Services

The Western Conference Of Teamsters Legal Services provides legal services for qualified Teamsters members and their beneficiaries . Services  under the plan are available to regular full-time and part-time employees of United Parcel Services whom are afforded this service under the collective bargaining agreement as a union member. In order to determine eligibility contact Gavel Law Firm to determine whether you have this benefit.

If your case or legal issue is covered under the Western Conference of Teamsters Legal Services plan you will not have to  pay attorney fees for representation with Gavel. You are only required to pay for specific costs not covered by the plan. We will discuss this  at your initial consultation and inform you throughout the process.

Teamsters can follow these three steps:

Step 1:
Call Gavel to confirm that you qualify for services under the plan and set an appointment. (951) 289-0202

Step 2:
If qualified for the plan services, print and fill out these two forms:

Step 3:
Once you have completed everything bring the completed forms and anything you need reviewed to your appointment.

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