Riverside Heavy Machinery Accident Lawyer

Riverside Heavy Machinery Accident Lawyer

Whether at a construction site, roadwork area, farm, factory, or other work site, heavy machinery accident cases are unfortunately common. These accidents often cause serious injuries leading to massive medical bills, missed work, and some degree of disability. If someone else’s negligence caused your equipment-related injury, you should not have to bear the burden alone. You may be entitled to compensation with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Gavel Law Firm, we are highly experienced in claims involving heavy equipment and machinery. Our team, led by Attorney Bryan A. Mason, provides top-quality legal counsel to Californians injured in heavy machinery accidents, including injured workers, drivers, and pedestrians. If you’ve been hurt in such an incident, contact us at (951) 289-0202 for a free consultation.

Types of Heavy Machinery Accidents

At worksites that use heavy equipment, individuals must practice reasonable caution to avoid injuries. However, accidents can still happen due to the negligence of others. Some common examples of heavy machinery accidents are:

  • Equipment rollover or overturning
  • Electrocutions
  • Crush injuries (getting crushed by a machine)
  • Struck-by injuries (getting hit by a moving vehicle)
  • Getting caught and dragged by equipment
  • Getting hit by falling objects
  • Falls (falling from a height)
  • Fires or explosions.

Heavy machinery accidents are often catastrophic, resulting in severe injuries and long-term consequences. It’s not uncommon for victims to suffer injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spine injuries, deep lacerations, fractures, amputations, or burns. The physical, financial, and emotional burdens are immense, that’s why it’s crucial for victims to seek compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Immediate Steps to Take After a Heavy Machinery Accident

  1. Seek medical attention. Never underestimate your injuries, even if you feel it’s just a small cut or bruise. Many injuries seem negligible until they turn out to be serious later on. Have a doctor examine you as soon as possible. This is also vital to show you have a serious claim for compensation.
  2. Document the accident scene. Take pictures or videos, gather witness information, and report the incident to your supervisor or the relevant authorities.
  3. Consult with a heavy machinery accident lawyer. You’ll want legal guidance early on, as you could be up against a well-resourced company in your compensation claim. We offer a free consultation at Gavel Law Firm.

Legal Process for Heavy Machinery Accident Claims

Navigating the legal process after a heavy machinery accident can be overwhelming, but with the right attorney, you may be able to pursue compensation. Various legal avenues exist, such as by filing a personal injury claim or a workers’ compensation claim.

The steps in the process depends on which legal remedy you are seeking, but you will likely deal with an insurance company. Unfortunately, insurers often try to minimize claims to pay victims a low amount. It’s important to have a lawyer on your side as early on as possible to protect your rights and assert the fair compensation you deserve.

Our team at Gavel Law Firm guides clients through the intricate steps of filing a claim and advocates for their rights opposite insurers and defendants. Don’t hesitate to speak with us in a free consultation.

Why Choose Gavel Law Firm for Heavy Machinery Accident Cases?

  • Advantageous background. Attorney Bryan A. Mason’s prior experience in the insurance industry gave him insider insight and sharp skills in advocating for injured individuals against insurance companies’ tactics.
  • Personalized approach. Each case at Gavel Law Firm receives the attention and care it deserves. When you work with us, you’ll have a lawyer who consistently communicates with you and a team that shows genuine concern.
  • You don’t pay unless you win. Our firm will only charge fees upon successful settlements or verdicts. You don’t pay us anything out-of-pocket, so you don’t risk any money to get high-quality legal service.

What Gavel Law Firm Can Do For You

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a heavy machinery accident? Our legal team can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Here’s what we offer:

Value Your Losses

We’ll work closely with you to determine the full extent of your losses, including medical costs, lost income potential, and pain and suffering.

Uncover the Cause

We have a network of engineers, safety experts, and other specialists to investigate the accident and determine what went wrong. This evidence can be used to hold the at-fault party responsible to pay for your losses.

Prove Fault 

Our team will meticulously analyze the events leading to the accident. We’ll identify any negligence and establish who’s liable for your injuries.

Maximize Your Recovery

We’ll explore all possible avenues for compensation, including workers’ compensation and third-party liability claims. This can cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

We handle all types of heavy machinery accidents including:

Workplace Accidents

If you were injured on the job, we can help you maximize your workers’ compensation benefits, including medical coverage, lost wages, and disability benefits.

Third-Party Accidents

In some cases, a third party, such as a subcontractor, reckless driver, or even the equipment manufacturer, may be liable for your injuries. We can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against them.

Don’t wait. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us fight for the compensation you deserve.

FAQ on Heavy Machinery Accident Injuries and Settlements

What qualifies as a heavy machinery accident injury?

A heavy machinery accident injury refers to any harm caused by heavy equipment or machinery, often occurring in industrial settings like construction sites. These injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to severe injuries like fractures, amputations, or even fatalities. Common heavy machinery accidents include incidents involving forklifts, excavators, and other construction equipment.

What is a heavy machinery accident settlement?

A heavy machinery accident settlement is the compensation awarded to an individual who has been injured in an accident involving heavy machinery. This settlement aims to cover various damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs incurred due to the accident. Settlement amounts can vary based on the severity of the injuries, the impact on the individual’s life, and other factors.

How much can I get for heavy machinery accident damages?

The amount you may receive for heavy machinery accident damages depends on several factors, including the extent of the injuries, the impact on your life and ability to work, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Settlements can vary widely, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, based on the specific circumstances of the case and the negotiation or litigation process involved

What are the common causes of heavy machinery accidents?

Heavy machinery accidents can be due to various factors such as equipment malfunction, operator error, lack of operator training, inadequate maintenance, negligence, and unsafe working conditions. These accidents often result in serious injuries or fatalities.

How can a heavy machinery accident lawyer help in filing a compensation claim?

A heavy machinery accident lawyer can assist in filing a compensation claim by investigating the accident, gathering evidence, assessing liability, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing the victim in legal proceedings. A competent lawyer has a crucial role in ensuring that the victim receives fair compensation for their injuries and losses

Contact a Heavy Machinery Accident Lawyer in Riverside

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