Vehicle Diminished Value

Your Car Will Lose Value After An Accident.

We practice in the area of classic and high-end diminished value cases. After an accident your vehicle can lose value. And if there is frame damage, there has likely been a loss in value for your vehicle. For some owners or collectors, this can be thousands of dollars lost in an instant.

Get paid for your loss

One of the first things a buyer looks for is whether your car was in an accident. You will have to answer.

Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Classic car evaluations require an expert that is able to recognize the value of unique vehicles and trends in the classic car market that drive prices and value up. Lucky for you we have the experts that can and will recognize these details that make the difference between you getting paid a little verses a lot.

High End Cars

High End Cars

We do not need to see your car to determine if you have a case.

Just by sending us the repair invoice for your vehicle we can tell you whether you have a case. Our experts are that good.

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